Blog Creation & Maintenance

It’s not "just" a blog; it’s your podium to the world. Before you step on stage, understand the opportunities, challenges, tactics and complexities that only seasoned professionals can address.

Blogs have become so commonplace that their capability and deployment are too often taken for granted. In reality, successful blogs are powerful tactics built around bigger strategies and a disciplined plan. They are rich, personal and current conversations with an audience that is intrigued, growing and responsive across a platform filled with hooks to encourage engagement and distribution. A successful blog will compliment and extend the practice brand and personalize it so that potential patients are leaning forward in the conversation of researching procedures and providers.

Medical practices that take a thoughtful and disciplined approach will guide blog conversations down paths that are informed by keyword research. They’ll consistently engage potential patients on topics that credential the practice, demonstrating expertise and quality of care. Practices with an effective blog strategy will continually tie their blog to their website’s SEO efforts.

Is publishing a single blog entry easy? Yes, absolutely. Is developing and deploying a series of engaging blog conversations that direct eager, targeted inquiries to your practice easy to achieve? Well, maybe…if you acquire the sound counsel and support of a seasoned medical Web provider. MetaMed Marketing is here to help.

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