Design Refresh Projects

Slightly Modified Design With improved Functional performance

Sometimes practices approach MetaMed with sites that are failing financially, but not due to anything design related. In those instances, it’s critical to take an objective vendor-neutral approach: "What's best for the client?" If an existing design is salvageable, we'll gladly recommend that path to save money and lead-time. These are considered refresh projects, and they demand equally careful consideration and execution to preserve what is working in the existing website while delivering greater SEO and conversion performance. Among MetaMed's toughest challenges are those instances when we have to recommend scrapping an existing design even though it will mean passing on the opportunity to work together in this round.

The WordPress website platform has been growing in popularity. In addition to working effectively in other platforms, MetaMed has successfully transformed WordPress websites from lagging performance to financial success. WordPress platform websites offer advantages such as practice-editable content and widely available plug-ins, but they’re not always the right choice for every practice. This recommendation to start or continue in a WordPress website platform is taken very seriously by MetaMed Marketing, with every bit of care given to WordPress sites as we give to websites built from the ground up in other platforms.

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