Optimization Only Projects

Improved performance without complete redesign

In some cases, it’s possible, preferable even; to enhance the performance of a website for improved keyword rankings and lead capture so that you receive higher patient inquiries without the cost of a complete redesign. If you consider that of the 12,000 + website designers in the US, only to less than a dozen are truly qualified as medical website vendors, it’s easy to see why numerous medical websites might look “pretty” but perform dismally.

A brief assessment of your current web site will allow MetaMed Marketing to determine its eligibility as an optimization-only project. And if you’re wondering about providers insisting on unnecessary redesigns, rest assured. It’s in our mutual best interest to work in your existing website design before cavalierly embarking upon complete redesign projects. So you can expect that our recommendation for your particular situation will support one over riding concern which is maximizing ROI.

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