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Patients don’t randomly stumble upon your web site. MetaMed Marketing enhances your website to appeal to search engines and attract those patients seeking your services.


Our methodology in web site marketing is a comprehensive and tailored approach that assesses your market, your patients, and your services. First, keyword research identifies those specific words and phrases that patients use to seek out your services in your geographical area. Then, our copywriting and optimization teams modify the content and the construction of your website to influence search rankings. With increased search ranking for the “right” keywords, you’ll increase relevant online traffic, Web inquiries and patient consults in your office.


No two practices are the same. Their patient demographics, procedures, geographies, risk averseness, evolution of their websites, history of optimization, budgets and available marketing assets will all vary. And the ability of any of these factors to influence strategic and tactical marketing decisions in your practice will also vary.

The take away: Online marketing, when done correctly so that ROI is maximized, requires careful planning and allocation of resources, and it’s unique to every situation. It’s not just about doing the right things; it’s more about doing the right things in the right sequence at the right run rate for your particular needs. MetaMed Marketing’s tailored approach will determine the right mix of organic optimization, sponsored advertising and then deliver tactics in the optimum order and investment so that budget and risk are respected while return is maximized.


As your search engine optimization efforts begin to gain traction in search engine result pages for your primary keywords, MetaMed Marketing’s emphasis will shift to include stabilizing initial keyword positions while increasing brand penetration by way of wider geographic and procedural keyword ranking. Social media and video optimization will often be appropriate tactics for pursuit as clients achieve this distinction.

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