Your Website Checkup

Why is a website assessment so critical?

If you’re in elective healthcare and you’ve arrived here, then you probably already appreciate the financial significance of your website. But you may wonder whether the website is performing to its maximum capability, to its maximum profitability. Why wonder?

A 30-45 minute website checkup with MetaMed Marketing is highly informative, eliminating any doubt of your website performance without obligation, pressure or additional cost. If we can impart even one new idea to be deployed by your existing vendor, you’ll receive excellent value for your time. A typical website checkup reveals a half dozen concrete opportunities. So why assess your website? Because you’ll exit the assessment significantly more aware of your website’s overall effectiveness and more empowered to pursue the most appropriate next steps online.

What should I expect in a website checkup?

We’ll ask a few questions and lay some foundation for the assessment and then we’ll discuss how your Website is performing in six key areas:

  1. Aesthetics
  2. Content
  3. SEO
  4. Usability
  5. Lead Capture (Conversion)
  6. Compliance to Medical Marketing Laws

MetaMed Marketing’s website assessments are unapologetically candid, as is the remainder of our counsel. We don’t sugar coat bad news, hoping to earn favour. Conversely, we’re not overly critical to scare up services. In other words, your website checkup won’t carry any additional expectations. If after our conversation, you wish to ask us about services, that’s fine and we’ll counsel you on next steps; but if we leave the call with no more than you significantly more savvy about the state of your current website, we’ll have met our primary objective.

Will I need any special technology?

No, if you have a phone and an open Web browser with a broad-band connection, that is sufficient. We’ll pull you into a live Webinar after connecting by phone.

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