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In online medical marketing, earning inquiries by way of effective copy is about so much more than simply conveying clinical concepts accurately.

When medical practices communicate effectively in online marketing, their copy not only speaks to multiple stakeholders; it also delivers on multiple fronts. Depending on a practice’s goals, the target audience might consist of potential patients, other medical professionals and organizations, and notably search engines.

What are the milestones of success? An effective copywriting campaign emulates a practice’s unique voice, it informs and educates, it is original and optimized to attract search engines, it is clinically correct, and it resonates with potential patients and other stakeholders. Effective copywriting is beautifully formatted while being above reproach for grammar and spelling, and it complies with medical marketing laws. Ultimately, successful copywriting must inspire action.

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Too frequently, medical practices fall short in online marketing because they underestimate the vital role of copywriting in SEO and patient conversion or they presume to have the time and skills to write effective copy. For medical practices that appreciate the extraordinary value obtainable with effective online marketing, can they really afford the luxury of delaying a project by six months or more to author in-house copy?

MetaMed Marketing understands all the subtleties of successful copywriting to produce prose that conveys your unique voice in an effective appeal to online visitors as well as search engines.

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