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Mariana Brigido


Mariana is MetaMed's social media manager and content director. She brings seven years of experience with online marketing to the table, organizing our client's online presences and making sure we deliver high-quality content and maximum ROI through social advertising strategies.

After studying journalism and graphic design, Mariana worked as a digital content manager in Brazil. There, she led creative teams to produce multimedia content and manage paid online campaigns in different advertising agencies and also for political campaigns. Her passion for politics and social justice causes is active to this day, and she is an avid activist for women's and LGBTQI rights. Being a well-rounded professional, she successfully works with art direction, content writing, UX design, and other user-engagement projects on social media, applying data analytics, design thinking, and business intelligence strategies as well as her strong leadership and problem-solving skills to develop a significant relationship between brands and their audience.

Mariana loves reading dystopian and fantastic realism novels, playing either classic rock tunes or bossa nova on her guitar, and cooking in her spare time. She is a very decent cook, having graduated from one of the best culinary schools in Toronto: George Brown College. In her own words, it was "a fun and empowering experience." Eclectic indeed.

Favourite Books: 100 Years of Solitude, Gabriel Garcia Marquez / Neverwhere, Neil Gaiman

Favourite Musician: David Bowie / Gal Costa

Favourite Songs: "Baba O'Riley," The Who / "Deus lhePague," Chico Buarque

Favourite Food: all of them

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