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In online marketing, there is a small number of available slots in search engine rankings of sufficient value, so the competition is fierce.

Your potential patients will only travel so far down a search results page to find a suitable service provider. So it is an inconvenient truth that for any particular search (keywords), there are limited opportunities for you to get found. For a search query, the only real opportunity is in the top half real estate of the first results page for, at most, two search engines. There are no fractions of an impression or fractions of a click or fractions of an inquiry. There is only whether a practice gets found, whether they receive visitors to their website, and whether they actually elicit inquiries from potential patients. If this chain of inquiry is broken at any stage, potential patients easily jump lanes to some other local provider.

Online marketing for elective healthcare practices is an exaggerated case of supply and demand because patients pay in cash and predominantly research service providers online. While successful online marketing can be quite rewarding, the number of worthy search slots is so limited that the value of marketing correctly (keyword ranking and conversion) is especially high, and the value of ineffective marketing is nearly zero. What does all this mean for your practice? If you hope to earn one of the precious few (but highly valuable) keyword search positions in even a modestly competitive market, you must partner with worthy providers who understand SEO and online marketing. Settling for providers that don’t specialize in the medical field or that do not understand SEO and marketing tactics will carry little reward. Fortunately, of the thousands of Web companies, there are a few worthy providers that specialize in medical marketing. Of these, MetaMed Marketing understands SEO and online marketing in depth, and carries a proven track record. Perhaps more importantly, as with this explanation of your challenges, MetaMed’s promise is to share unapologetically candid expertise to support your online success.

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