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MetaMed Marketing Mission, Vision, Values & Mantra


MetaMed Marketing provides uncompromisingly professional services and counsel in online medical marketing solutions that achieve long term ROI for clients.


To deliver rewarding solutions in an environment where MetaMed Marketing engages in long-term, respectful, and mutually beneficial relationships for all stakeholders while developing increasingly sophisticated global medical markets.

Values - MetaMed Marketing acts according to the following criteria:

  • Client Focus - Do we partner with our clients to develop custom solutions that best serve their interest? "What's best for the client?"
  • Ethics - How do our decisions affect others? Can we comfortably and transparently share our undertakings with other stakeholders?
  • Self Awareness - Are we truly listening to each other and our clients, and are we relentlessly honest with ourselves?
  • Professionalism - Are we continually improving as we strive for the highest industry standards of quality, innovation, thoughtfulness, and attention to detail?
  • Personal & Fun - Are we working together to honor the big picture while satisfying our personal interests and having fun?


MetaMed is a quality control company that operates in the online marketing space.

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