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Email marketing is a no-brainer. Clients interested in extending their brand reach and maximizing return on investment will want to leverage this simple but powerful tactic.

MetaMed will coach and assist clients with email marketing strategies to maximize newsletter subscriptions and increase conversion leading to increased office consults. These clients will invariably leverage their websites to acquire a growing audience for news and promotional offerings, but they’ll also learn to acquire subscribers via alternative channels so that the reach of every subsequent newsletter cycle is compounded.

MetaMed's approach to email marketing will tie lead capture forms on your website directly to your patient database. Because our system distributes and tracks email newsletters, our approach is continually evaluated and honed to achieve ever-increasing success. Our skilled design and production teams craft your email newsletters to be complementary in design to your website with a consistent practice voice that pushes your brand further and further.

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Productive SEO, SEM, email newsletter, and clinical copywriting campaigns. Enjoy the performance and profitability that can only come from partnering with online medical marketing professionals.

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"MetaMed Marketing's understanding of the market and what's up and coming keeps our practice ahead of the curve, continually optimizing our patient inquiries and results..."

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