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As digital marketing has evolved, successful practices have blown past communicating solely through broadcast-only channels.

Today, effective online promotion leverages several channels, including social, to foster a conversation with patients—one that informs, involves, and reaches further. By regularly participating in social channels, practices earn more participants, richer engagement, and top-of-mind awareness.

MetaMed Marketing works with clients to match the right messaging and choice of social channels with a practice demographic and larger strategic approach. When practices maintain the discipline to regularly contribute quality content, they foster an ongoing relationship with potential patients and influencers. Their social media presence becomes a corner of the virtual town square where interested parties come for news and information.

Practices that are truly leveraging social media effectively will share their personality to make a stronger connection with followers, who can range from past patients interested in future services to potential patients who have not yet reached out. And of course, each of these readers will have connections in their own online channels, which can expand the audience. MetaMed helps clients with social strategy, basic social media management, and social advertising where patient targeting is taken to a whole new level. Mostly, MetaMed helps practices to maintain and grow a productive conversation with interested potential patients.

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Blogs are the original social media channel, but they've become so commonplace that their ability to influence patients has come to be taken for granted.

Successful blogs remain a powerful component in a larger social media strategy. They can be rich and informative to entice engagement and proliferation of practice content. The most successful blogs complement and extend the practice brand while personalizing the staff and principals so potential patients lean forward while researching procedures and providers.

Medical practices with a thoughtful and disciplined approach to their blogs will work with professionals to align with patient search volume and to ensure blog content is not only appealing to human consumers, but is also written to be picked up by search engines. Thoughtful blog strategies will also tie in to website strategy. By working with experienced professionals, practices ensure a relevant editorial calendar approach and consistent content creation. MetaMed routinely offers blog content so that it is consistently updated for practices on the right topics.

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