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At MetaMed we define website design as a three-way engagement between you, your visitors, and search engines.

An effective medical website will satisfy the objectives of all three stakeholders. Clean programming and optimized content attract and invite search engines, while crisp, professional design and thoughtful navigation impress and engage visitors. Conveying your unique value in rich, informative, and articulate copy will do the rest, resonating with visitors and driving inquiries.

The MetaMed design process

Phase One: Discovery

We elicit and absorb your design preferences during a comprehensive discovery session so that we understand you, the practice, and all nuances intimately before design work is ever initiated. We develop a concise visual statement to ensure that the website conforms to your sense of style while still inspiring and informing your potential patients.

Phase Two: Design

What we have learned from you is distilled into a single concept image and sent for your review and feedback.

Phase Three: Production

Page by page, we create your new website according to the sitemap that you have already approved during the proposal process. This is where our programmers and copywriters collaborate, working under the hood, to appeal to search engines and the human audience.

Phase Four: Quality

Our mutual reputations and your medical license are on the line, so we implement quality assurance with great care. Your new website receives a significant copy and usability proofing before it is unveiled to the world.

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