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Why Work With Us?

Because we get it! We get that your choice in online marketing will earn you hundreds of thousands of dollars of new revenue or it will delay successful marketing by years (delayed search ranking) while costing you tens of thousands of lost dollars. We get that this is about carefully showcasing your hard fought credentialing and your superior quality of care. We get that of the thousands of available Web vendors, for MetaMed Marketing to retain you as a loyal client, we’ll have to continually earn your business by demonstrating our professionalism and expertise in medical marketing.

We also get that forthright communication will always be more valuable than techy jargon or salesy schmooze so our counsel will be unapologetically candid and 100% transparent. We get that this is complicated stuff with big consequences; that a “one size fits all” marketing approach will seldom be the best solution for this industry. Ultimately, we get that this is about your long-term return on investment so your financial performance is the final measure of our worth.

  • + What's in a name?

    Sometimes, there’s very little in a name other than recognition; i.e. Google, Tumblr, Spotify, Hipmunk etc. In other instances, a name is a significant clue into the mission, the methods or the origin of an organization.

    In the case of MetaMed Marketing, the prefix "meta" holds several interesting definitions, but its relevance to our mission is significant on two fronts. MetaMed Marketing supports medical practices in their online marketing efforts where "meta content" plays a significant role in one of our primary objectives, which is effective Search Engine Optimization or SEO. However the term "meta" is also defined as "beyond; transcending; more comprehensive" and this is particularly fitting to our mission. MetaMed Marketing strives to achieve client results that greatly transcend the financial performance of other, more traditional Web marketing providers; and we deliver this outcome through a more thoughtful and more comprehensive approach.

  • + What's in a tagline?

    At MetaMed Marketing, our overriding objective, our purpose, is to connect patients seeking elective healthcare procedures with our clients; more simply stated: "Linking Patients & Practices."

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