Actual Client Case Studies

Dr. Timothy Greco

Dr. Timothy Greco Case Study

Facial Aesthetic Surgery

Dr. Timothy Greco has been gaining recognition as a leading facial plastic surgeon for decades. At some point, the doctor realized he was succeeding in his practice despite online marketing efforts—not because of them. Within this revelation, Dr. Greco learned from MetaMed Marketing that even though his search ranking and conversion were adequate for patients using laptop and monitor-sized web devices, he was missing out on a growing fraction of web visitors who might find him through tablet and mobile devices. Dr. Greco turned back to MetaMed to reconstruct and redesign his site into a design reflective of his surgical results—one with modern mobile responsiveness for improved ranking and conversion performance.

Dr. Derek Jones

Dr. Derek Jones Case Study


Dr. Derek Jones of Skincare and Laser Physicians of Beverly Hills first approached MetaMed Marketing in 2013 to refresh the website design and improve the site's search engine optimization (SEO) and patient inquiry rate. Since then, MetaMed and Dr. Jones' staff have collaborated to enhance the brand and grow his regional and national stature. Through regular and comprehensive improvements to SEO, design conversion, and site navigation, the performance of the Skincare and Laser Physicians of Beverly Hills' website has steadily progressed in a very competitive marketplace while aptly reflecting the doctor's professional brand for superior cosmetic dermatology. The reach of the practice's marketing has grown alongside the livelihood of Dr. Jones' fellow practice professionals in the organization.

Dr. Robin Levin

Dr. Robin Levin Case Study

South Jersey Skin Care & Laser Center

Dr. Robin Levin had a clear and creative vision of how to present herself online. She came to MetaMed Marketing concerned that too many websites were cookie cutter in their approach. The priority here was not only to deliver a website that met very specific aesthetics, but also to provide a more functionally effective, responsive-designed site to become a fresh profitable source of new patient inquiries.

Ironwood Dermatology

Dr. Colin Trout Case Study

Ironwood Dermatology

For some time, Ironwood Dermatology lived with a website and promotional web campaign underperforming in search rankings and lagging in patient conversion performance. The website was challenging to navigate without conveying their contemporary quality of care in dermatological services. After a thorough search, Ironwood chose MetaMed Marketing to completely revamp their site design and search engine optimization. As part of the effort, there was an overhaul of clinical copywriting to ensure it would be found and spoke to patients. Fast forward, and the Ironwood Dermatology website features a contemporary vertical navigation with advanced mobile responsiveness so that potential patients find the practice in search and arrive in office impressed by the practice's appreciation of aesthetic and professionalism, as well as its breadth of services.

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