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Patients don't just randomly stumble across your web site. They find their way there through search engines. By effectively optimizing a practice's website platform, content, and marketing mix, MetaMed Marketing earns more online impressions of a higher quality for a significant ROI.


Our approach to optimization considers every practice's unique circumstances, then responds with proven tactics that influence search engines. We believe a constantly changing online marketing environment requires constant learning adaptation to deliver maximum ROI.


MetaMed Marketing continuously researches, refines, and diversifies among the latest and most proven SEO tactics. We believe keeping up with search engine behavior, learning from the industry's best minds, and taking a long-term view of online marketing is the best mix to deliver maximum ROI in the long run.


As your SEO efforts begin to gain traction in search engine result pages for your primary keywords, MetaMed Marketing's emphasis will shift to include stabilizing initial keyword positions while increasing brand penetration in wider geographic and wider procedural keyword ranking. Social media, video optimization, and other advanced capabilities will thrive when they're laid upon a strong foundation of online marketing: your optimized website.

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Dr. Brad Bengtson

I recently switched website management and internet marketing companies (again) because the previous one simply wasn't keeping their word. I discovered MetaMed marketing. For the first time, I found a company that listened to my needs...


Dr. Peterson Pierre,Dermatologist, California

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