Pricing & Proposals

If you are wondering how qualified and how successful a potential Web vendor will be, observe how thoughtful and thorough their proposal process is.

Before clients ever commit, MetaMed Marketing endeavours to educate and inform, to thoughtfully plan a solution, to thoroughly document a scope of work, and to ensure that the collaboration will be mutually beneficial. We achieve this by investing sufficient time on the phone in assessments and initial discovery sessions, and by providing professional deliverables that both support the project and clearly inform clients of our intentions. By the time clients arrive at the point where they choose to retain our services, they understand what they’re receiving and for how much. We understand their problem and have offered thoughtful solutions. We mutually understand each other’s expectations.

In the end, no potential client will ever know with 100% certainty what they can’t know about future performance so instead they must rely on reputation, documentation and education provided to date. And it is to this end that MetaMed Marketing’s proposal and pricing process is designed to be transparent, to be informative and to be engaging so that clients will also have one more asset, intuition, to help make highly rewarding decisions.

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