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Goals for Patient Reviews to Promote Your Medical Practice Online

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Reviews have become a non-negotiable part of online promotion for any medical practice. According to a recent Forbes article, a whopping 90 percent of consumers read online reviews before visiting a business and over eight out of 10 individuals trust online reviews as much as they trust a recommendation from a friend! This adds further weight to the already established and growing influence of reviews on search engine rankings and visibility. Reviews can be as rewarding for businesses with numerous and glowing reviews as they can be detrimental for businesses with poor reviews. The question is, which reviews are worth […]

The Secrets to Long-Term Success in Online Marketing

In online marketing, the phrase “long-term” is anything but sexy. In fact, the ever-expanding array of new tools and channels, as well as a dizzying pace of change with existing ones (are you listening, Google?) has conditioned us to think short term. Ironically, this has happened at the same time as search engines are increasingly emphasizing non-technical, long-term values, such as reputation and user experience. So, while they are ubiquitous, these new, shiny objects in online marketing are not where the real advantage will be had, and the fundamentals of success remain rooted in long-term objectives. Of course, advances in […]

Website Redesign Etiquette

That’s right, a certain decorum is required when approaching website redesign projects. Any self-employed amateur can redesign a website. It may even look good to the untrained eye.  But it takes a multi-disciplinary team of copywriters, web development, and online marketing professionals to ensure that your shiny new website doesn’t leave behind your existing visitor traffic and the authority you’ve worked so hard to build up with search engines over several years. When redesigning a website, a qualified vendor will… Look for domain forwarding, domain mirroring, or other domain hosting or registration deployments that may be confusing search engines and preventing […]

The Value of Time

When elective healthcare practices initially interview potential Web providers so much of the conversation focuses on initial cost when true financial concerns should revolve around potential ROI. But in reality, that’s not the most critical component. The most critical component is time.  Let me explain. The path that maximizes ROI First let’s assume that you’re an elective healthcare practice so you’ve done your homework and learned effective website design, optimization and subsequent marketing initiatives returns on investment at rates of at least 8:1 or more. In many elective healthcare practices, online marketing done correctly earns hundreds of thousands of dollars […]