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Spam Website Assessments

In MetaMed’s six years of business, we’ve seen a marked rise in the use of an onerous sales tactic from less scrupulous Web vendors. It costs clients time, money and confidence in their marketing strategy while simultaneously eroding goodwill with existing vendors, and it yields zero value. But because the tactic requires nothing of self-serving…

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How Organic & Pay Per Click Can Work Together

SEO tactics woven organically into a website can assist in transforming it into a powerful tool that helps bring in new patients while also conveying a positive experience and educating the patient. Pay-per-click (PPC) strategies boost this effect further by guiding patients directly to the content displayed on your site. Search engines look to quality…

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A Priority Order In ROI

If the goal is to maximize long-term Return on Investment (ROI) within a set marketing budget, how can medical practices move there faster with optimal results? Here’s an important clue. The point is that almost all other peripheral marketing initiatives (Social Media, Newsletters, Blogs etc.) when done properly, will drive patients through a practice’s website….

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