Effective Photo Galleries Are Worth More Than 1000 Words

A misconception in aesthetic medical websites is that before-and-after imagery is intended solely to demonstrate great patient outcomes. That’s vital, of course, but photo galleries that can deliver more (and better) patient inquiries are thoughtfully designed to offer so much beyond that foundation:

  • Independent practice editing (Content Management Systems or CMS)
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Improved conversion through storytelling
  • User friendliness (and resulting satisfaction)

It’s no surprise that when practices can independently upload content (through an easy-to-navigate CMS) and showcase their work, they will typically update their photo galleries more frequently. And since currying favor in rankings (SEO) is in great part about offering fresh new content, sites with vibrant, evolving photo galleries are rewarded. This performance is enhanced further when a photo gallery is structured and organized properly. Effective photo galleries highlight an individual case study on an individual page so that search engines can conveniently direct interested potential patients to that particular location.

Great photo galleries also influence search engines through metadata (information about the page content). For SEO purposes, the most effective galleries accommodate metadata and personal prose describing a patient’s problem and how the practice solved it. When that prose also happens to contain procedure names, relevant patient geographies (wink, wink), and links to rich supporting information, search engines respond. Fresh, unique, and optimized content earns attention and authority from search engines seeking to prioritize (rank) website pages that demonstrate relevance and worthiness to their users’ searches.

At their core, potential patients are seeking information and assurances for health-related decisions. But as human beings, we all connect more closely with other human beings through story. By providing the means for rich, authentic storytelling about superior quality of care, resolution of problems, and excellent patient outcomes, effective photo galleries inspire and influence potential patients to relate to past patients—and make them want to contact the practice. Great photo galleries use imagery and authentic stories to link patients and practices.

Before-and-after images are vital to patients, but so is the overall site experience while viewing patients’ outcomes. Powerful galleries enrich the experience with user-friendly features, such as multiple perspectives, mobile responsiveness, category/subcategory organization, quick contact forms, and other capabilities.

Ultimately, like every other page of the website, effective photo galleries impress, inform, educate, and drive potential patients to inquire about procedures and treatments at a particular practice.


Brent Cavender

Brent Cavender is a co-founder of MetaMed Marketing. He heads up business development and marketing for MetaMed where he is the organization's chief practice educator and primary point of contact.

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