New Seasons, New Beginnings

Summer is here, and in the aftermath of a big transition from sunny California to ever changing Midwest Michigan, I am suddenly acutely aware of the passage of seasons and the nature of business. Some things adapt and evolve or they die off completely, while others begin anew.

What’s in a name?

There are numerous definitions of the prefix “meta.” It conveys “beyond,” “transcending,” “later in time” and more savvy practice professionals will even be familiar with the term “meta content” which is essentially information about information, but there is one more definition for “meta” that is particularly relevant given the arrival of summer.  The prefix “meta” describes “change” or “transformation.” from within. Think of the maturation and metamorphosis of a caterpillar into a butterfly.

Yep, MetaMed Marketing is about transcending historical online medical marketing and about optimizing medical websites for search engine ranking using meta content, but it’s also about seasoned Web providers evolving and transforming into a superior business model that delivers more value.  MetaMed Marketing provides quality online marketing with integrity pricing to elective healthcare practices.  In the spirit of transformation and change and going beyond, MetaMed Marketing has opened its doors for business.

This is the introductory entry of MetaMed Marketing’s blog (MetaCast), a monthly dialogue to help practice professionals transform their own online marketing efforts into more profitable and more productive channels of new patient inquiries. We’ll start every new edition with a simple question: “How can we counsel practice professionals to bring the most value?”

A tip for transforming your own organization

In closing, we’ll ask our practice professional audience one question: “Where are there opportunities in your organization’s online marketing tactics to change and transform the organization into a more polished version of itself, one that brings greater value to your own clientele?” Here’s a small hint to those practices that have yet to embark upon their own content marketing effort.  It’s not a coincidence that MetaMed Marketing chose a blog as its first channel of content creation.  We own it. We control the content, the formatting and the overall messaging. We’re able to use our blog to support our own organic optimization. Blogs were a primary channel of  social networking before large social networks were cool, and they’re as relevant today as ever for contributing to the success of your online marketing efforts. Have you considered using a blog to share your best advice and connect more closely with your patients?  Just saying.

Questions…we’re here to help.


Brent Cavender

Brent Cavender is a co-founder of MetaMed Marketing. He heads up business development and marketing for MetaMed where he is the organization's chief practice educator and primary point of contact.

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