Building Your Social Media Presence Responsibly

No matter what your stance may be on social media, it is here to stay. Reviewing social media demographics across many platforms will show how effective social media is. If you have not had a chance to dive in and optimize your social media presence, now is the time and you can do it responsibly.

Starting with a practical social media strategy is the ideal step one. This strategy should reflect how you can drive growth for your business by fostering lasting and loyal relationships with future clients and customers.

Choosing the Right Network That Is Dedicated to Your Audience and Goals

  • Facebook has almost 3 billion active users per month. It’s ideal for generating leads and building relationships.
  • Linkedln is the ideal platform to build trust, show your authenticity, and engage audiences.
  • Pinterest is full of beautiful images. If you have a business that focuses on visual appeal, this could work for you.
  • Snapchat is great for promotions and personalized content. As a business, you can provide exclusive access and build relationships with influencers that can help drive brand recognition.
  • Instagram has had a lot of success with random ads that intrigue buyers to hit the ‘add to cart’ button. With about 1 billion users globally, your reach almost feels like you will never reach an ending.
  • TikTok has had rapid growth and has reached 3 billion users. This platform is ideal for engaging a younger demographic.

Using these platforms can be largely beneficial to any business. It’s when they are not used responsibly that has caused people to get in trouble. A well-known example of irresponsibility happened when a plastic surgeon had a patient on a table and chose to make a TikTok of the surgeon and medical staff dancing around prior to starting the surgery. The physician lost their license and others lost their jobs.

Unauthorized employees can use social media to speak on the company’s behalf. It is difficult for a company to monitor employee social media activity. Giving employees that freedom can also come with a risk that even a well-meaning social media post about the company’s goals and objectives can damage the company’s reputation if it’s not explained correctly. Disgruntled employees have taken to social media to express their distaste for the company since being let go.

We know social media is a powerful tool for business but we do have to be careful with what and how we present our business. The key to mastering social media is to engage your audience, not turn potential clients into enemies. Being thoughtful and tactful about how you present your brand is everything.

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