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Calculus, Online Medical Marketing and ROI

Now that I’ve captured your attention with that anchovy sundae, let’s focus on today’s concern which is knowing the true measure of success in online marketing. A plethora of choices for a plethora of situations First, let’s acknowledge that in marketing, and especially in online marketing; there are an infinite number of potentially profitable initiatives to pursue. Next, let’s recognize that every single medical practice’s challenges and opportunities are unique. You target a particular demographic within a particular geographical footprint. The personality of your practice and your service procedures are your own. Your financial aggressiveness or risk aversion is different […]

New Seasons, New Beginnings

Summer is here, and in the aftermath of a big transition from sunny California to ever changing Midwest Michigan, I am suddenly acutely aware of the passage of seasons and the nature of business. Some things adapt and evolve or they die off completely, while others begin anew. What’s in a name? There are numerous definitions of the prefix “meta.” It conveys “beyond,” “transcending,” “later in time” and more savvy practice professionals will even be familiar with the term “meta content” which is essentially information about information, but there is one more definition for “meta” that is particularly relevant given […]