Does Your Website Need to be ADA Compliant?

The U.S. Supreme Court Recently Declined to Hear an Appeal After a Lower Court Held Domino’s Pizza in Violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)

Digital Accessibility

Why Is This a Topic of Interest Now?

A wave of lawsuits against restaurants followed an October federal appellate court ruling that a blind man can sue Domino’s Pizza under the Americans with Disabilities Act after he was unable to successfully use the pizza chain’s website to place an order by using a screen reader. 

Is ADA Compliance a Legal Requirement for All Websites? 

Technically no, but it’s not that simple. The Supreme Court effectively upheld the lower court’s judgment that ADA compliance is applicable in the realm of digital media. Therefore, even though ADA compliance is effectively a gray area, legally speaking, the only way to determine the legality of non-compliance is to have it out in a court of law after a complaint has been filed. Obviously, this is a pain that any business would rather avoid.  

How Does This Affect You? 

Because of the opportunity now presented to law firms to target non-compliant businesses, it is reasonable to assume that the healthcare sector could become a target at some point in the future, once the supply of “easier” targets has dwindled.

“Blood is in the water.  There have been a number of multimillion dollar class action claims for ADA non-compliant websites. These are expensive claims to defend.  It is dangerous to the point of foolish not to have your website be ADA compliant.”
Attorney Michael Sacopulos of the Medical Risk Institute

For this reason, we have chosen to recommend that healthcare providers with websites consider an ADA compliance plan.

What is MetaMed Doing in the Area of ADA Compliance?

MetaMed is building websites to adhere to key concepts according to Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). These concepts include considering font, color, contrast and size, mobile usability considerations, and more. Seeking complete adherence to WCAG, however, is a vast and highly specialized field that requires such elements as detecting accessibility devices operated by potential users of the website and giving online visitors the ability to change the site’s background and font colors, as well as zoom levels and other features. For this reason, we recommend that you become familiar with the full range and scope of full compliance details.

How Can You Become Fully ADA Compliant?

If you are interested in seeking full ADA compliance for your website, contact your MetaMed account manager to be referred to industry leaders in ADA compliance and website accessibility. Our main line is 1-866-240-8389.


Ali Kouros

Ali Kouros is co-founder of MetaMed Marketing. Ali heads up operations, engineering, productions, and practice marketing for MetaMed.

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