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Goals for Patient Reviews to Promote Your Medical Practice Online

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Reviews have become a non-negotiable part of online promotion for any medical practice. According to a recent Forbes article, a whopping 90 percent of consumers read online reviews before visiting a business and over eight out of 10 individuals trust online reviews as much as they trust a recommendation from a friend! This adds further weight to the already established and growing influence of reviews on search engine rankings and visibility. Reviews can be as rewarding for businesses with numerous and glowing reviews as they can be detrimental for businesses with poor reviews. The question is, which reviews are worth […]

MetaMed Marketing Partners with NewBeauty to Provide Actionable SEO Education

Online and print publication NewBeauty has invited MetaMed Marketing to present a series of three webinars for elective healthcare providers working with web professionals on online promotional activities. Each of the webinars focuses on critical topics with a direct impact on driving patient inquiries into the practice. While these sessions contain some reference to technical aspects of digital marketing, they’re tilted towards providing actionable education in plain English that practice professionals can use to immediately improve their own website campaigns for greater reach and traction. In the second of three webinars, Ali Kouros, head of website production and promotion and […]