The Role of a Medical Website’s Advanced Video Gallery in Generating Patient Inquiries

Popular video-streaming provider Netflix has made its content library easily navigable for its subscribers. The library is easy to move through, and its videos are just as easy to watch. The provider carefully curates viewer experience on its platform, right from when the viewer gets home after a busy work day to when they finish watching their favorite TV show. In a way, Netflix’s clean, intuitive interface has played a pivotal role in encouraging binge watching and continued use of its service.

Video content has quickly gathered steam across many industries as it becomes increasingly accessible to anyone with a smartphone. Viewers (i.e. potential patients, in the case of a medical practice) have near-unlimited access to information online, and practices across America are looking to become the voice of authority that informs their decisions. As viewers become savvier, expectations for practices grow as well.

When executed right, the interface or navigation in an advanced video gallery on a practice’s website will be so clean and intuitive that the viewer barely notices it at all, allowing them to focus on the videos themselves. Well-crafted videos with quality information, technical detail, host personality, and good location can speak volumes about the experience of treatments at a practice and garner interest and trust. Ideally, the video content will make a viewer feel confident enough to request a consultation at the practice.

On the flip side, even the best videos won’t get watched if viewers are struggling with a less-than-stellar interface. Videos not loading or a hard-to-use navigation can breed negative feelings that a viewer may associate with the practice. A few persistent viewers may stick around and try every possible fix they can think of (like turning a laptop upside down or yelling at it to work), but at this point, the overall experience has been ruined.

Companies such as Netflix, YouTube, and Facebook understand that interface or navigation of a video gallery is key in keeping their viewers engaged and coming back for more. As a web provider, MetaMed is always looking for ways to streamline the video gallery interface on our clients’ websites – allowing practices to focus on educating potential patients through this medium, and providing potential patients with a positive viewing experience that convinces them to connect with the practice.


Sean Berry

Sean Berry is MetaMed Marketing’s account coordinator and in-house digital media specialist.

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